Day 1(Just Write)

Day 1 (Just Write)

Dear Journal,

I’m back and decided to write some words.

I want to do my blogging the way other people do it. But I have decided to make it like my own. For instance, I am not a talkative person, I am a shy person. Not that I don’t like talking to people but I prefer to distance myself from certain people or issues. In a way, I like to observe and understand the environment before I could say anything

Today, I chose to do blogging because I feel like since I am not a talkative person. Since I was in high school, the only way for me to express myself is through writing. I enjoy writing because it is the only way I feel like I can impress myself and write down anything that I have on my mind. It helps with my thoughts and focus.

It is a hard day for my family at this moment because we lost someone special to us. I feel like the only thing I could think of right now is writing something. I like waking up every day write anything that came up into my mind into a paper or journal.

It is fun and enjoyable to find something where I can be me and speak my mind through it. Also, I help my journal, and things that I write one day can motivate someone out there.

Being able to start my very first blogging page makes me so excited. I am ready to learn and grow with every one of you that willing to follow and I am looking forward to learning from each one of you.

I am looking forward to having a lot of fun with my blogging and learn from the bloggers. Thus, I will be more deeply enjoy my journey each day.



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